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AppleTalk problems with Auxilary VLAN

I'm experiencing AppleTalk issues when the ports on a Cisco Cat4k are configured with Auxil. VLAN's. The broadcasts associated with the Auxil. Vlan is causing hosts to drop on and off the AppleTalk network. If I disable Auxil. VLAN on the port, the host MAC works with no problems. Has anyone else encountered this problem?


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Re: AppleTalk problems with Auxilary VLAN

Try upgrading your code. You probably are dealing with a bug.

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Re: AppleTalk problems with Auxilary VLAN

I wish someone would shed some light on this issue. I am having the same kind of problem, hosts dropping on and off the Cat4k. We are not using Auxil. Vlans and are still experiencing the problem. A Cisco SE has been on site troubleshooting the issue, but the problem is not resolved. He also is perplexed. We have the newest code, we turned channeling, spantree, and trunking off. We also installed a new ethernet driver on the Macs. We have a heavy traffic network and have been fighting this issue for months. We are desperate to find some answers.

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