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Application Editor in Portuguese???

Greetings everybody!

I have a little problem with some sounds which are in English and I must have them in Portuguese.

The scenario is:

I have a number like "543".

In the Output step if I configure this integer number to "String" the number is played back digit by digit. This works in English as in Portuguese.

In the Output step if I configure this integer number to "Digit" the number is played back as a total number.

The problem is that the Output step takes the files:





This in English language.

Now imagine the case in the Portuguese language:




In English people speak:

"five hundred forty three"

In Portuguese we speak:

"quinhentos quarenta três"

In conclusion:

English - 4 words

Portuguese - 3 words

Get it???

This might be very simple, but I am trying to escape from programming a solution that later I would found that was not possible to implement.

I would apreciate all of your great help, wich I must say that has been very useful in my project.

Rui André.

Cisco Employee

Re: Application Editor in Portuguese???

Rui, the problem is that although the prompts are there in the directory to be recorded in whatever language you want, the underlying assumptions made in the source code when these files are opened for playing is to use the grammatical rules of US English.

Future versions of the Application Engine (the product name will be something different, I think) are going to have localization, not only to include pre-recorded prompts in different languages, but also to include grammatical rules for other languages.

My guess is that the romance languages would be near the top of the list (e.g. Francais, Espanol, Portugues) but I cannot say with authority which languages will be included first and when it will happen.

If you contact your Cisco account team representative, they can get in touch with the product manager for this software, and find out the details for you on when this will be available and what the plans are for Portugues.

Boa sorte!

New Member

Re: Application Editor in Portuguese???

Thanks David,

I liked the "Boa Sorte"!

Today I have been in a seminar of IP Telephony in my Institute, provided by your company in Portugal.

I have asked to the Cisco Engineer some of the questions I have posted here in this forum, and I realize that in Portugal the AVVID arquitecthure is just getting started and I am probably one of the first people working in this kind of applications.

He advised me to post some of my questions to the Cisco TAC!

Who knows??

For now your help has been very usefull, David!

Let´s continue this way!

In response to your last post, I realize that I am going to have a big problem to implement the solution I tolded you!

The problem is:

How can I have an integer database number and if I make the sounds, translate this number?

I am looking for the Application Editor steps and I am not seeing a way of doing this!

David! Do you know, or know someone, who works in this kind of applications and can give me some help, some tips for implement this solution?

Thanks one more time!

Rui André.

Cisco Employee

Re: Application Editor in Portuguese???


It sounds like you need some long-term support for an internationalized solution that is still being worked on.

Let us take this offline.

Please send me an email, you can find it if you click my ID (davgoodwin) at the top of my post.

New Member

Re: Application Editor in Portuguese???

You could uses VXML to do your IVR app's. Then you can set it any way you want

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