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Appropriate domain for Unity 4.0 Digital Networking?

Trying to design the proper configuration for a customer who requires us to get subscriber info from their Corporate AD but does not want us to use the Corporate Exchange for UM. We also have a couple of dual-integration VM boxes to satisfy migration plans.

What is the recommended method for adding these three boxes in a Digital Networking solution, while still being able to access the Corporate AD? Should we put them in a child domain, or just let them be members of the root of the AD along with the Corporate Ex2K server(s).

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Re: Appropriate domain for Unity 4.0 Digital Networking?

I'm not quite sure I understand what they're trying to do here... what's the point of using their corporate AD directory if they don't want UM? We can't somehow use the user data in AD and then use different mailstore - the AD user accounts are associated with a mailbox already and that's what we'll use for that subscriber's mailstore if they're imported as a subscriber into Unity. There's no way to have two mailboxes for one AD account if that's what they're trying to do...

They either need to go VM only and install us in a seperate directory entirely or go UM.

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Re: Appropriate domain for Unity 4.0 Digital Networking?

Sorry Jeff, momentary lapse of all intelligence. If they are afraid to mess with their corporate Ex2K,then they just need to Create a New Forest when installing and be done with it.

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