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approved HP DL320

dear all,

the last approved DL320 (HP DL320-G5 Server with Intel 3050 Xeon 2.13-GHz Processor) is not orderable anymore and also showing up as "older server" in the Cisco supported HP servers overview.

anybody knows about a new supported hw config with the DL320?

thanks and best regards,



Re: approved HP DL320


If you got your info from

Then the only next step would be contact your Cisco account team.

You will always run into the problem with the SWONLY list and HP specs being out of sync.

I know the MCS boxes are more expensive. But at least they guarantee the hardware is supported, and give you a decent lifecycle.

If you want to stick to HP, you could probably buy one of the DL380's for the same price as the MCS DL320 equivalent ;)



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Re: approved HP DL320

hi Tim,

thanks for your fast reply!

yes i do have the info from the swonly :) problem with the DL380 in the list is that these seem to be allready older boxes and it are US parts only

will then probably go for the MCS

best regards,


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Re: approved HP DL320

You are not alone in this predicament. We have always used the customer provided hardware scenario with HP servers. If it were a matter of a few hundred - or even one or two thousand dollars - difference in cost of ownership, we would not give it a second thought and go with the Cisco hardware. however the price difference is more like $3000 - $5000 dollar difference if you buy the hardware from the HP channel, and we can't in good conscience recommend that to our customers. that says nothing of the cost difference of the HP care packs versus smartnet contracts.

As of now, we found a source for a small number of servers and bought them all up, and there is pretty much nothing left out there anywhere. Every person we talked to during the search knew of the situation, and said they had a run on this hardware from people who were similarly desparate not to pay $7000 for a $2500 server, with no replacement announced for the HP MCS 7825 equivalent.


Re: approved HP DL320

The answer may be the MCS7816-H3 server when Cisco announces the HP equivalent part number.

For now, the Cisco /swonly doc clearly states the special HP part #'s that were created for the supported DL380 servers.

There are no DL320G5 servers available that are supported at this time.

According to Cisco, this will be resolved shortly after the UC7.0 launch this week...

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Re: approved HP DL320

Any news on HP approved servers?

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Re: approved HP DL320

At last, I found a new list of supported servers:

According to my supplier the DL320G5P that is approved is not availible from the European HP distributors. The server has to order the server directly from HP.

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