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architectural question for CCM failover WAN best practices

I have a client that has a large CCM cluster in Texas. Approx 2000 phones register here over the wan from branch offices, HQ, etc. In Milwaukee, there is a call center that is going to go in for about 200 agents 24/7 operations. We are looking at the architecture of this design and are wondering if it would be wise to setup another cluster in Milwaukee just for the Call Center, then use Intercluster trunking between the two clusters.

Or, could we just place a (2)subscribers at the Milwaukee location for a DR between the two sites? (Texas and Milwaukee).

The WAN backbone is MPLS, so we could configure multiple T's back to the data center, etc. The problem we see is if what the Texax CCM cluster falls down... what happens then? Will the CallCenter be able to function?

Any good advice, simple is better.

Thanks much!

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Re: architectural question for CCM failover WAN best practices

What type of callcenter is it? IPCC Enterprise or Express?

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