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New Member

AS5300 call to 827-4V:FXS

Hi All ...

I have a problem in the following scenario, and I hope you can help me:

PBX-A ------ AS5300 -----------------827-4V ------- PBX-B

.......isdn q-sig..................wan...................FXS

When I make a call from PBX-A to PBX-B, the 827-4V gives me a dial tone, instead of ringing the PBX-B. In this dial tone, if I dial anything, then I can hear the ring, and site B answers the phone call.

And when the PBX-B calls PBX-A, the call dials and rings OK on the site A.

The same happens when we change the 827-4V by a MC3810.

Thank you ...

Cisco Employee

Re: AS5300 call to 827-4V:FXS

Without seeing the config, my first guess is that on the pots dial-peer in the 827/mc3810 the digits are being stripped. The default behavior for pots dial-peers is to strip any explicitly matched digits.

for example:

if the 827 receives 4321 and your destination-pattern is 432. then we will strip the 432 and forward only the 1 to the PBX.

To eliminate this behavior, you can configure the following under the pots dial-peer:

- "no digit-strip" if available in your IOS


- "prefix xxxx" where xxxx matches the explicitly matched digits (432 in the case above).

Let me know if this doesn't work.



New Member

Re: AS5300 call to 827-4V:FXS

Hi Clay ...

It worked fine with the "no digit-strip".

Thank you very much for your help and attention.

Kanno ...

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