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As5300 or 5400 support C7/SS7

Hi All.

Like to know weather a stand alone 5300 or 5400 support C7/SS7? or does it need other component?if yes, what does it needed?



Re: As5300 or 5400 support C7/SS7

Only way to terminate SS7 to an AS5300/5400 is to use an external PGW 2200 SS7 controller. You can't connect and process the SS7 signalling traffic directly on the AS5300 gateway.

You can use a AS5350 or AS5400 as an integrated SLT. Here is more information -

Setting up a SS7 interconnect is a complex undertaking. You might want to do some research on the Cisco web site using the keywords 'PGW2200' 'VSC' 'SLT'

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Re: As5300 or 5400 support C7/SS7

I am a begineer in ss7oIP stuff (although i worked with ss7 on switch level). Mostly i deployed isdn/r2/cas on voip using 5300/5350. right now, i am into looking at 5400 with ct3 + ss7 capability. i just need to verify with you or somebody in this forum what do i exactly need. of course, since this is the first step, i will be deploying only 1x5400 for now. my understanding was that, it has SLT interface, which can act as A or F link. which i thought is what i only need as my impression is 5400 will only need the pgw2200, when i have multiple gateways joining my ss7 cloud.

can you please shed some light on this matter?

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