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AS5350 in/out traffic difference


On AS5350(12.22XB10) during incoming voice calls(mainly from AS5300's and smaller gateways) with g729r8 or g723r63, outgoing traffic is 40-50% more then incoming. So in my situation 1 call needs 11kbps in and 20-25 kbps out ! I must say it is extremely uneffective bandwidth usage, that creates too serious problems.

In all calls playload size is 2ce larger then default, VAD is enabled on both sides.

I have compared the in/out packet sizes and they are equal. This can mean that playload size on both sides are equal. So the reason of difference can be VAD(its disfunction or something). Is there anything else that effects outgoing traffic ?

What can be done, to achieve maximum of 10-15% difference ? On other cisco gateways AS5300 and lower, there were no problems.

Thank you in advance.


Re: AS5350 in/out traffic difference

Did you check for the bugs in this IOS version( 12.22XB10 ). I found one similar bug on CCO which is CSCdt39824. There is another bug CSCdu74761 relating to the the codec g729r8. The voice quality is some times bad with the codec g729r8 . This could be the problem. And the solution could be, to upgrade the IOS version to a better one.

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Re: AS5350 in/out traffic difference

Thank you for your reply

As I know, 12.22XB10 is the latest for now in XB releases... I'll be trying T ones, but I think its not a problems of CSCdt39824, as playload is set correctly... (checked packet sizes...). CSCdu74761 dont know... waiting for XB11, maybe it will be fixed there...

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