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AS5400 and outpulse digits

I am trying to verify whether an AS5400 can outpulse digits to PSTN.

My scenerio...example would be CPE of IAD or Cisco 1750 with FXS ports. A user on the 1750 makes a toll call 1+10digits, a dial-peer in the 1750 directs the VoIP call to an AS5400 that has serveral PRIs to the PSTN.

I need to know if the 5400 can outpulse the orignating number, or can I do a number-expansion (or forward digits all) to make sure the originating 1750 can be identified by its DID number?

Thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.


Re: AS5400 and outpulse digits

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Re: AS5400 and outpulse digits

With "forward-digits all" under the dial-peer voice pots statement on the 5400, the router will send all digits from the 1750 to the PSTN. However, since you are using PRI the numbers will be in the setup message as the Called Party IE and no "digits", ie. dtmf digits, will be sent.

The pots dial-peers only forwards digits that are not matched. For instance, if you have the following dial-peer on your 5400:

dial-peer voice 1212 pots

destination-pattern 1212.......

port 1/0:D


If the call setup from the 1750 comes in with the called party number "12125551212", only 5151212 will be sent out the PRI to the PSTN. If you put "forward-digits all" under that dial-peer the router will send all 11 digits to the switch. See

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