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AS5400 MGCP & CCM Support

I have been going through the datasheets and I have found that the AS5400 supports MGCP but it is not listed under CallManager (v4.1 in this case); does anyone know if it is supported either with updates in 4.1 or a later version 4.2 or 5.x or must you use it as a H.323 gateway in a CCM environment?


Re: AS5400 MGCP & CCM Support

1.0 is on the list from hell. Actually, the feature is 'interoperability through MGCP for 5XXX-series gateways'. Whether its CallManager support of 1.0 or 5XXX support of 0.1, intent is the same - interoperability between the gateway and the call agent.


Re: AS5400 MGCP & CCM Support

the AS5400 supports the MGCP NAS package. (mgcp v1.0)

ccm does not support MGCP 1.0 currently. (only v0.1, as described in cisco press 'cisco voice gateways and gatekeepers')

this is probably why you don't see the option in CCM.

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Re: AS5400 MGCP & CCM Support

Basically after doing some more in depth research I came to the same conclusion and after speaking with a Cisco SE he confirmed that CCM does not support the AS5400 under CCM as an MGCP gateway; but it would work for H.323. As I want to keep the environment as simple as possible it looks like I will need to stick with the 3845's for the moment. Thank you for the responses and the insight.

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