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Associated PC field is blank. Why?

I'm trying to get click2dial working, and I've narrowed my troubleshooting down to the fact that there are no Associated PC's listed for any device in the Device sql table.

I also looked at the LDAP server under profiles (which is what the sample app queries) and almost all the profiles listed don't even have the CiscoCCNatAssociatedPC property.

Anyone know if there's a setting in Callmanager that i need to turn on to get this to populate...

I'd really appreciate any hints on this.



Re: Associated PC field is blank. Why?

Do the users have an associated PC configured in the ccm admin pages? If not, it's no surprise that you're having this problem.

New Member

Re: Associated PC field is blank. Why?

I was under the impression that the associated PC was populated automatically. If this has to entered in manually, doesn't it defeat the whole purpose?

Or are you saying there's a setting in ccm to get it to configure automatically?

Sorry, i'm not that familiar with CCM... i'm just the programer :-/

Re: Associated PC field is blank. Why?

How's the call manager to know about PCs, and which PC belongs to which user? You'll argue same switch port, CDP etc, and perhaps that would work in a Cisco only environment, but there's a lot of other switches out there.. plus we have extension mobility, notebooks move around, via AD you can log in to different PCs, etc. Bottom line, it just can't be done.. nobody but human beings have what it takes to figure out users, phones and locations.

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Re: Associated PC field is blank. Why?

I was curious about that, though... how does one populate that field? Is it only editable by directly hitting AD?

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Re: Associated PC field is blank. Why?

Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me.

I just always thought that since the PC is plugged into the mini-switch in the back of the phone, CallManager could somehow automatically associate that PC to that Phone.

Guess that's not the case.


Re: Associated PC field is blank. Why?

This is somewhat unrelated to the discussion, but may be somewhat relevant in any case :)

I recall talking to a Cisco engineer about the new video capabilities where the Cisco vidcam connected to the PC would only work when the pc was connected to the phone via the phone's PC port, and that this created some sort of special relationship between the pc and the phone. I don't know if it communicated with the phone via CDP or what (that's just a wild guess).

I never looked into the details or thought much of it, but thought it was interesting and I'd be interested to hear what others might have heard/experienced along these lines...

(I have not yet played with the video cam with CallManager, not sure if others have and have any experiences to share in this regard?)

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