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ATA 186 - delay sending digits to CCM !!!

I have a route pattern in CCM that ends with period ( 53. ) which means that CCM does not wait for more digits than those two.

When 53 is dialed from analog phones connected to ATA boxes then there is some 6 seconds delay before the CCM does anything with it.

This works fine on the Cisco IP Phones.

It ´s like the ATA boxes are not sending the digit dialed immedately to the CCM but instead waiting for some seconds after the last digit has been dialed. Is that right and if so how can I change it ?

Community Member

Re: ATA 186 - delay sending digits to CCM !!!

Are you using the H323 software. In H323 mode, the ATA collects all of the digits and then sends them all at once when it thinks you're done dialing. There is an entry called "DialPlan:" that controls digit timeouts and automatic sending. The syntax is quite convoluted and you'll need to refer to the docs to figure it out. It took me about 1/2 hour to figure out how the default worked and how to change it when I looked into this.

My advice would be to switch to the mgcp/sccp firmware, which makes the ATA emulate a 7960 phone. Works very well with Call Manager and you configure lines, cos, etc the same as the 7960 phones rather than as gateways of H323 phones. Later versions of CM dierctly support the ATA instead of having them look like 7960s.


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