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New Member

ATA 186 - network requirements

I want to install an ATA 186 telephone adaptor.

What I would like to know is do I also need to install the module NM-1V/NM-2V to my c2600 before they work.

Also any other info on what needs to be done to get the ATA 186's working would be a great help.

Thanks in advance.

John Morris

New Member

Re: ATA 186 - network requirements

It is depends whether you have where to terminate the calls to?

The Gateway 2600 will give you the ability to take the VoIP calls off IP and to convert them to PSTN signaling.

You can use ATA186 device in conjunction with another one (Pc2Pc) though.

New Member

Re: ATA 186 - network requirements

Excuse this if it is a stupid question but I am trying to get a clear picture of what is needed to have the ATA 186's running.

If I have then nm-1v module installed and the ATA 186's then can we start making cheap international calls, who do we connect to i.e. who will be charging us for the calls.

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