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ATA 186 Suitable for CM3.12c end-user educational use?

I see a lot of the tech docs on the ATA 186 pointing toward telco use - we have a new dorm going up at our school next year and would like all the phones to be IP phones - but we would like to diffuse the complaints about lack of modem or wireless phone capability by offering the ATA 186 in our bookstore to those students who would like that capability - anyone know if the ATA 186 is certified in (or recommended for) a CallManager 3.1(2c) corporate/educational environment for this type of FAX/Analog wireless use?

Also - is there a specific one of the two versions used in the US or is it more complicated than that - 600ohm/complex didn't clarfy things for my non-telco mind :-/

(P.S. - yes, I wish I could talk them into buying spectralink phones - hah - and I thought my $150 sony cordless was pricy :-)

- Ken


Re: ATA 186 Suitable for CM3.12c end-user educational use?

Yes the ATA186 will be a good analog to digital solution for those who need and analog phone or fax but does not support modem pass-through/relay yet. You want 600 Ohm Impedance for US analog devices (ATA186-L-I1). Some good Info on this product is at

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