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ATA 186 TFTP Config Download

I have an ATA 186 application where we would like to allow the users to set their own Static IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. The only other config in the ATA would be the TFTP server IP address. All other information would come from the TFTP server.

The TFTP server works fine- the ATA gets its binary config. However, we actually have to put the IP address of the ATA in the config on the TFTP server. If we remove the lines in that assign the IP, Subnet, and Gateway, the ATA resets its ip address to

Has anyone found a way around this? We would like to store the config of each ATA on the TFTP server, without having to store the ATA's IP info . This allows the user to change their IP at will, without having to notify us- just as long as he has the TFTP server set correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is there a way to give a user IVR access to change only the IP address, Default Gateway, and Subnet Mask? It seems that the ATA has an ALL or Nothing security setup.

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Re: ATA 186 TFTP Config Download

You should talk to Cisco about your needs. The product is so new I'm sure they would entertain enhancements like that. Call TAC and file a request.

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