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ATA-186 to FXO configuration

Hello All,

I am new in VoIP area (not in networking), so my first task is simple :-)

I have 1750 with VIC-2FXO connected to PABX (IP= I also have two ATA-186 in remote locations (IP1=, IP2= I need to make it as simple as possible (from users standpoint of view):

- Incoming calls (from PABX) to port 2/0 directed to user1

- Incoming calls (from PABX) to port 2/1 directed to user2

- Outgoing calls (from user1) directed to port 2/0 ONLY

- Outgoing calls (from user2) directed to port 2/1 ONLY

- Only IP1= and IP2= could make calls to 1750 for VoIP connection

- Only IP= could make calls to ATA

I have no problems with 1st two tasks (using "connection plar opx 11", "destination-pattern 11" and "session target ipv4:") -please, see config at the bottom of the message.

I was able to do setup where user1 pickups the phone, hears the tone from ATA, dials "9#" and hears the tone from PABX via port 2/0

It is not good solution, because after he dials "8#" he hears the tone from PABX via port 2/1 and users want to hear tone from PABX not dialing anything.

Is it the way to setup this configuration to allow user1 to pickup the phone and hear the tone from PABX via port 2/0 (not from ATA) not dialing anything? (Similar for user2)

Is it the way to solve task #5 without using ACL's? If ACL is the only solution, which ports do I need to open?

I have no idea how to configure ATA to allow calls only from

Please, help.




voice-port 2/0

connection plar opx 11


voice-port 2/1

connection plar opx 12


dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern 9

port 2/0


dial-peer voice 2 voip

destination-pattern 11

session target ipv4:

codec g711ulaw


dial-peer voice 11 pots

destination-pattern 8

port 2/1


dial-peer voice 12 voip

destination-pattern 12

session target ipv4:

codec g711ulaw



Re: ATA-186 to FXO configuration

In your configuration IP address has been assigned to which interface. And also in your configuration dial-peer voice 2 and 12 has the same session target of Could you please elaborate the question in detail.

The following URLs has information on ATA 186

Cisco ATA 186 FAQ and Common Issues

Cisco ATA 186 Fails to Place a Call in a Gatekeeper Based Network

Cisco ATA 186 Basic Configuration

Community Member

Re: ATA-186 to FXO configuration


Thank you for your reply. assigned to int fa0 (1750 router).

You are correct, before posting my question, I edited config and dial-peer voice 2 and 12 must have session target IP's and

My main question is still: how to do function similar to "connection plar opx 11" for outgoing call.



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