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ATA-186 will not release line.

We have 11 ATA-186’s (running ata18x-v2-16-ms-030327b.zup) attached to Page-Pal overhead paging systems at each branch office. We are running CallManager 3.3(3)sr1. When an IP phone calls the paging system the ATA-186 does not release the line when the call is finished, a fast busy is being played on the overhead speakers, eventually something times out and the line is released. This only happens with the ATA-186’s. Needless to say we need the line to be released as soon as the person calling in the page hangs up. In locations where we had FXO ports available we moved the Page-Pal to an FXO port and have had no problems, this is not an option for 8 of the sites however (no slots on the 2621XM’s) Any ideas?


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Re: ATA-186 will not release line.

The problem is due to disconnect signalling, we had the same problem when we had the paging system connected to VG248.

VG248 does have an option to enable disconnect supervision and that fixed our problem. I'm not sure if ATA has an option to turn on disconnect supervision signalling but it does support battery reversal method to identify connect and disconnect.

You can enable battery reversal on ATA if your Paging system supports battery reversal.

The other option is to check the disconnect options available on the paging system side.

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Re: ATA-186 will not release line.

We had a similar issue where the ATA186 boxes were not disconnecting the line. The issue started when we upgraded to 3.3(3). I set the ATA firmware back to the old 2.15 code and now they are behaving. Give that a try.

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Re: ATA-186 will not release line.

Had a similar issue recently. When using 2.16ms the resolution is to change the following parameter...

SigTimer is default 0x00000064 and should be set to 0x03C00064.

See for more details...

Hope this helps!


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