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ATA 186 won't release line to Paging System

We are using an ATA 186 to connect to our paging system as a temporary solution until our FSX modules arrive. Our problem is we connect making the call and can page but the line doesn't release when we hang up. The line busies out and this carries over the open PA speakers.

Has anyone encountered a situation like this? Have you found a workaround? Any help would be appreciated.


Re: ATA 186 won't release line to Paging System

I had the same issue with our paging system. You need to change the 'Polarity' entry:

Bit 0: Caller Connect Polarity

Bit 1: Caller Disconnect Polarity

Bit 2: Callee Connect Polarity

Bit 3: Callee Disconnect Polarity

Changing a bit to '1' will instruct the ATA to briefly reverse polarity for that condition (eg call received by ata is disconnected). I believe you want to flip bit 3 to tell the ATA to 'wink' when the incoming call disconnects. The default value is no reversing, so flipping bit 3 would make the value 0x00000008.


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Re: ATA 186 won't release line to Paging System

Thanks Chris, I'll give it a try.

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