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ata-188 -> network speed and duplex settings?

How can i see, which network/port settings the ata has negotiated with a switch? There is a case, where a switch tells me a 100MBit fd connection and a cdp message on the voice gateway (Cisco2621XM) tells me, that the ata (his mac address) is seen as half-duplex.

The web frontend of the ata does not show me anything about network status. Any hints?


Re: ata-188 -> network speed and duplex settings?

Check whether the Cisco 2621 XM was configured for full duplex in ethernet settings.

check the following URL for CDP and VLAN config needed for ATA 188

Also it depends on the Kind of switch , you are using. If the switch auto negotiates disable and manually configure for full duplex

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Re: ata-188 -> network speed and duplex settings?

Thanks for response. Yes, the 2621XM is configured for 100FD. Also, when i disable auto negotiation on the switch connecting the ATA there is no difference. Regardless of any connection configuration the router tells me, that the ATA connects with half duplex...

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