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ATA 188

Per Default Settings, each port can support 2 simaltaneous call via Call Manager 4.1 as I noticed in a DN settings "Mulitple Calls/Call Waiting" Settings. The default value is "2" Calls.

I plugged in an analog phone in one of the ATA Port adapters, and tried to make two calls. The first call went through fine, but the 2nd call didn't go through. It came out "Busy"

Does anyone know what the problem is.



Re: ATA 188

I think may be this is because of SCCP image on the ATA. Try using H323. Meanwhile I will search if SCCP supports call waiting on AtA with SCCP image.

Re: ATA 188

ATAs do support call-waiting, including SCCP mode.

For the ATA line config in CCM, set the "Maximum Number of Calls" to 2, and the "Busy Trigger" to 2. You will then have call waiting.

The default for Busy Trigger in CCM is 1, which allows only one call through at a time.

New Member

Re: ATA 188

Can I get ATA to support call-waiting with Call Manager Express or even the larger question does Call Manager Express support ATA with H.323 image for voice calls, I see it does for fax but voice??

Will it have to be H.323 image on ATA, or is there a way it will work with SCCP image.

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