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ATA and TFTP provisioning

Has anyone been able to get an ATA 186 to provision its config from a TFTP server? Does the ATA have to be set to DHCP only?

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Re: ATA and TFTP provisioning

hello ,

try this as it might shed more light once you can get into it

Step 1 Make sure that the PC and the Cisco ATA 186 are already networked and visible to one another.

Step 2 Open your web browser.

Step 3 Enter the URL of your configuration page. The URL of the web server is:

IP Address/dev

For example, the configuration page for a Cisco ATA 186 with the IP address is:

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Re: ATA and TFTP provisioning

Actually, I have already done this. We have the TFTP server up and pushing the config binary file to the ATA, but it seems to be having problems when we set a static address on the ATA 186. We get all the proper provisioning... UID's Gatekeeper Address, etc, but we want the ATA to keep its statically assigned address (the one we entered via the handset or web access). So, we leave out the IP address, Subnet, and Router address from the binary assuming that the ATA will keep the IP address we statically assigned it. However, when the ATA gets its config from the TFTP server, the ATA puts into all three fields.... essentially wiping out access to the box.

These seems like a horrible way to provision a multitude of ATA's. It seems like the only way to set them up using TFTP is if you know the IP address or the unit is set to DHCP.

Any ideas here?

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