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ATA drops call


Got some ATAs on a site that when the call connects it get the start of the fax tones and then drops. I suspect this is something to do with codecs judging by the nature of the fault.

The CallManager is across a g729 connection in another location and the gateway at this site is configured in the same way as other rollouts we have doene for this customer.

The only difference is all the other rollouts were going back to one callamanager group, this rollout is going to a second callmanger group.

Group 1 SUB A, SUB B, PUB

Group 2 SUB B, SUB A, PUB

SUB A and SUB B are in differnet location via a an MPLS (155Mb)link and the PUB is located with SUB A

Have tried changing the LBRCodec and the ConnectMode settings are per some Cisco sheets. Anyone experienced this. The gateway IOS is the same used at a site last week and this work OK (c2800nm-spservicesk9-mz.124-3g.bin) So unless we have hit a bug, anyone got any ideas

Thanks again Paul


Re: ATA drops call

Note: FAX mode merely means:

- use G711 codec only;

- no silence suppression;

- no FAX tone detection;

- no call waiting;

could you also configure on the gateway's voip dial peer to " fax rate disable" ,

and could you also make sure the fax machine is only running at 9600kpbs as the

older ata186 have problems running at speeds greater than 9600kpbs.

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