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ATA in SRST , no dn under ephone?


We have a special need. We have a big warehouse which have IP Phones in it. We want the following:

In SRST mode the main number should ring the night bell or over head paging system.

At the same time someone should be able to pick up that call. I was looking at the documentation for "call-pickup" in SRST mode.

I found out that the phone has to be a e-phone for it to be pickup by another phone through call pickup when it is ringing.

Right now over head paging or night bell are connected to a FXS port and call pickup in SRST does not work. I tried to connect the night bell to ATA and see if it works in SRST since ATA registers with the SRST router, but that did not help either.

I noticed that the ATA registers with the SRST router, but i do not see it get a number or keep it's original number when I type in "show ephone" in router when it is SRST mode.

Does anyone know why?



Re: ATA in SRST , no dn under ephone?

It's a bug. This problem is documented by the bug-ID: CSCea03093. The workaround seems to be: Either specify CCM name as IP Address or set up correct DNS Server Address and domain in DHCP Server so that 7960 is able to resolve CallManager address


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