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ATA MAX phone line signal distance - anyone tried more than 200m?

I am wondering what is the max distance the line cord of a ATA-186 RJ-11 port could support?

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Re: ATA MAX phone line signal distance - anyone tried more than

Hi Jimmy,

We used an ATA to supply an Analog device at one of our Grounds Buildings which was about 600m away. This was via a Tie Cable (24 gauge wire).We ended up changed this to feed from a VG248 but not due to any issues. The max distance listed by Cisco is 975m for a phone with 1 REN. Have a look;

Q. What is the maximum distance from which I can drive an analog device with a Cisco ATA?

A. Table below provides maximum distances for this question.

Ring Loads and Distances

Ring Load (per RJ-11 FXS Port) Maximum Distance

5 REN 200 feet (61 m)

4 REN 1000 feet (305 m)

3 REN 1700 feet (518 m)

2 REN 2500 feet (762 m)

1 REN 3200 feet (975 m)

Cisco ATA, however, is not designed for long-distance usage. The simple test is to determine if the phone or phones that are connected to the Cisco ATA work properly in their environment.

Pay attention to the following questions:

1. Can the Cisco ATA detect on/off hook from the analog phone?

2. Can the Cisco ATA detect the DTMF signal?

3. Can you dial the remote side?

4. Can the Cisco ATA ring the phone?

5. Is voice quality satisfactory?

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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