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ATA's sending errors to application log....

I have several ATA's running in different sites. On some I only use the first port of the 2 ports. I get errors in the event application log for all the secondary ports that are not configured. How do I stop these errors from clogging the logs? The error is as follows:

Error: DeviceTransientConnection - Transient connection attempt.

Connecting Port: 2000

Device name [Optional].: ATA157FCACDAA01

Device IP address.:

Device type. [Optional]: 12

Reason Code [Optional].: 1

App ID: Cisco CallManager

Cluster ID: PUB1-Cluster

Node ID:

Explanation: A connection was established and immediately dropped before completing registration. Incomplete registration may indicate a device is rehoming in the middle of registration. The alarm could also indicate a device misconfiguration, database error, or an illegal/unknown device trying to attempt a connection.

Recommended Action: No action is required if this event was issued as a result of a normal device rehome..


Re: ATA's sending errors to application log....

Your best option is to just configure second port and give it a bogus extension or something.

Your next option is to disable the port by connecting to the ata web interface (http:///dev) and change the EPID0orSID0 and EPID1orSID1 values.

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adignan - berbee

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Re: ATA's sending errors to application log....

I have the same problem and I haven't resolved it yet but I am going to call Cisco on this. You might want to check the following Link it gives an explanation of the EventLog message and how it comes about.

I think my problem is bandwidth issues or a device misconfiguration. If I ping the device on my network in India from our office in Washington, DC I get 457ms reply time. That is pretty high maybe because the time for the packets to get out there is so long the reply from the device (india) to the callmanager (wash, dc) looks as though it is disconnected so it flags that message in the event log. I don't know. I need to call a Cisco Tech Support rep and talk to them about this issue.

In the link I posted they say it could be one of the following causing the problem:

* If the device exists in the database.

* If the devices are located in a particular segment in your network, analyze the connectivity.

* If your Cisco CallManager(s) have connection, high CPU memory problems that can cause a slow response.

So for me I think it is a connectivity issue. I hope this helps!

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