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ATA186 and MoneyLine S3000 payment terminal


I am using a Cisco ATA186 MGCP and are trying to use a payment terminal from MoneyLine with it. The problem is that it works at most one out of two times. The nest time it times out or does'nt connect to the bank correctly, hard to tell because it only reports "communication error". I cannot find what settings to use to get it to work better, tried some different settings and it works best (or least bad) with same settings as I use with our fax:

ConnectMode: 0x90000400

AudioMode: 0x0015XXXX (have it on line2)

Have'nt found any information at all regarding payment terminals. Anyone have any ideas? Grateful for any tips.

More information about the S3000:

Best Regards

Daniel Larsson

Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: ATA186 and MoneyLine S3000 payment terminal

Hi Daniel,

If this is connected to Line 2 of the ATA which I think you indicated, there are a number of known issues associated with dialing/connecting with the second line. Can you try Line 1 instead?


Re: ATA186 and MoneyLine S3000 payment terminal

if your device is a modem you will have a problem as that is not supported...

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Re: ATA186 and MoneyLine S3000 payment terminal

If it was'nt supported would'nt it stop directly then? Now i can connect but not as often as it should. But maybe the ATA186 stops the possibility to get it to work at 100%, you know any other device we could use to run the terminal through ?

Seems there are a lot of different problems with the ATA186, looks like that when watching these forums atleast.


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