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ATA186 won't pass code *6 to CM

I'm using ATAs to fax. There is no problem FAXing locally, but for long distance, the users have to dial an access code to get dial tone from a PBX. The code starts with *6 plus 8 digits. According to CCM trace, the *6 is not getting passed by the ATA. The PBX needs to receive *6 plus the 8 digits to provide the dial tone. This was tried in the lab and it didn't pass the * either. Is there an issue with the ATA passing the * character? CM ver 4.1.3, ATA 186 connect to a 3750, then go to a 2851, which goes to a 2821, which goes to the PBX, which connects to the outside world (PSTN). Any information would be helpful. Thanks


Re: ATA186 won't pass code *6 to CM

I think you might be running into a problem where the *6 looks to the ATA like the beginning of a 'call command' like *69 to block caller id. There is a list of these supported things in the ATA admin guide if you have H323, because you can change stuff there, I don't see them in the SCCP guide, but I am pretty sure it probably does them by default. You could maybe test this by using a different prefix for just the ATA, and send it through a translation pattern to prefix the *6, and see if it works then. Here is the guide I was looking at:

Mary Beth

Re: ATA186 won't pass code *6 to CM

Thanks for the response. The problem is, as I found out, that the ATA uses the * button to do speed dialing. So, when you hit *, it waits for one more digit for the speed dial to take effect (it supports up to 9 speed dials). The problem is that the customer wants to keep their original pattern of *6 plus the digits or I would go with the translation pattern. I had to get a TAC case going on this one. Still waiting for a work around. Thanks.


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