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ATA188 Call Waiting

Cannot seem to get call-waiting working with an ata-188 and callmanager. I tried ata with sccp and h.323 images. I both cases when the 2nd call comes in, I hear the call waiting tone, but when I hit the flash-hook I don't get the 2nd caller only dialtone.

Anyone have this working?




Re: ATA188 Call Waiting

Two parameters - PaidFeatures and CallFeatures - control many of the supplementary features available on the ATA.

The PaidFeatures parameter indicates whether the user has paid for the feature. This parameter is considered a feature's master switch. If any PaidFeatures bit is set to "0", the corresponding feature will be disabled and not available to the user.

The CallFeatures parameter indicates the default user settings. A CallFeatures bit set to "0" means that the feature default is

turned OFF, while a bit set to "1" means that the feature default is turned ON. Depending on the feature, the user may be able to

change the setting on a per-call basis.

The default call waiting setting is ENABLED and the user can disable the call waiting on a per-call basis.

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Re: ATA188 Call Waiting

Hi Andrew,

Did you ever get this working? I hav popsted the same question recently with no repsonses yet. Basically I amd running ata v 2.16ms, CCME 3.4, IOS 12.4.4T. All flash hooks work on the ATA except call waiting.

thanks for any advice..Peter

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Re: ATA188 Call Waiting


No, I can't seem to get it to work and nobody seems to have any ideas.

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