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Attandent Console - Active Directory and Non-AD users

We have migrated to AD on CCM 4.1.3. We are now able to call most users in the corporate directory except for a few users who are not in AD - like short term contractors. These people have phones but no AD account. What is the best way to be able to get them into the corporate directory?

Also, what is the recommended way to put numbers into the corporate directory for external companies. We dont really want to create an AD user for each external number we want in the directory.




Re: Attandent Console - Active Directory and Non-AD users

Ok AC will get the users from its autogenerated.txt that gets from the TCD server.

"AutoGenerated.txt file generated by the Cisco TCD service and stored in the userlist directory on the Cisco CallManager Attendant Console server"

TCD service will do an LDAP query for the following:

The issue here is that if you dont want to create AD users TCD wont be able to update them (ie if you create a Contact object in AD, TCD wont see it)

Basically the LDAP Query that TCD performs is the following: Filter: ((objectclass=User)(!(description=CiscoPrivateUser))(!(description=CiscoPABUser)))

It looks only for User Objects.

You can manually edit the AutoGenerated.txt but after the sync it will edit the users unless you check the following:

"If the Directory Sync Period service parameter does not equal zero, Cisco TCD generates the AutoGenerated.txt file when the Cisco TCD service starts and when the directory sync period expires.

To modify the Directory Sync Period service parameter, choose Service > Service Parameters. Choose the appropriate server from the Server drop-down list box and choose the Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher Service from the Service drop-down list box."



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