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Attendant Consol user

We have two users with the following info:

User X with extension 6704 and user Y with extension 6703. We also have over 10 Attendant Consol users. In only one of those AC users, the incomming calls for user X (6704) shows the extension 6704 with the username Y instead of X. The AC user shares both users X and Y lines. I looked at both users device page and they look correct. I also looked at the shared line that the AC user has with those two users, it looks correct too. It's kind of very weird situation. Could someone please help?



Re: Attendant Consol user

on a shared line, the ALERTING NAME, is used to show caller information on the called phone display. (phone device configuration; directoryNumber config page)

this will always show the same no matter what phone uses the line. if the alertingName = User1, then every use of that line calling an ip phone will show 'user1' as the alerting/calling name.

this field cannot be set individually per user.

is this the info being displayed? if so, change it to a unique name.

New Member

Re: Attendant Consol user

I deleted the Alerting Name for both users but it still shows the wrong name with the wrong extension number only for one AC user which shares their lines.

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