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Attendant Console and Shared Lines

Hi, I read through the docs and see that it very clearly states that shared lines are not supported. Also, the application will complain if you try to use a shared line.

The old Web Attendant also did not support shared lines. However, if you were just using the Web Attendant as a station type “User” and did not participate in a hunt group, then you could monitor shared lines on your phone.

This was real handy for Executive Secretaries that had Manager phone lines shared on their phone. They could answer the shared line using Web Attendant and then drag and drop the line if they needed to transfer the call. Most of our deployment of Web Attendant is for simple monitoring of the shared lines on receptionist and secretaries desk.

Does anyone know of a way to get Attendant Console to provide call control on a shared line that is not participating as a line in the hunt group?

It would be real nice if the call control for an Attendant Console could be assigned by the Callmanager Administrator to manage any line on any phone. In other words, I could assign multiple different Manager’s phone lines to one Attendant Console without having to have the line shared on the receptionist phone.

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Re: Attendant Console and Shared Lines

I don’t see anyway to configure it. I would guess there’s already an enhancement bug filed with Cisco but you could check with your rep on it.

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