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Attendant Console Bug??

Running CCM 4.1(3)sr1, We are configured to load balance w/ 3 Attendant Console users. When all 3 are logged on all works fine, first call comes in and goes to Line 1 of the first operator, 2nd call if first is busy is presented to the 2nd operator and so on…Here is the issue: When the first operator goes off line or even closes the application all together calls are still presented to her phone (and no one is there to answer) instead of bouncing between the 2nd and 3rd operator that are still logged in….Has anyone run across this one and or provide any help??…Thanks in Advance

Hunt Group Members:

#1:Direct call to ATT1, line 1

#2:Direct call to ATT2, line 1

#3:Direct call to ATT3, line 1

#4:Direct call to ATT1, line 2

#5:Direct call to ATT2, line 2

#6:Direct call to ATT3, line 2

#7:Direct call to ATT1, line 3

#8:Direct call to ATT2, line 3

and so on

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Re: Attendant Console Bug??

Hi Jack,

Perhaps it has something to do with the "always route" setting in the Hunt group? Check out this excerpt from the AC section for CCM 4.1.3;

Always Route Member

Always Route Member, an optional check box, applies only to directory numbers.

If this check box is checked, Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) always routes the call to this hunt group member, whether it is busy or not.

If this check box is checked, Cisco TCD does not check whether the line is available before routing the call.

To manage overflow conditions, check this check box for voice-messaging or auto-attendant numbers that handle multiple, simultaneous calls.

For linked hunt groups, only check the Always Route Member check box when you are configuring the final member of each hunt group.

Here is a link to the actual doc.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Attendant Console Bug??

We are configured as Users not directory numbers. Our last number does point to VM and has the Always Route Member box checked...I was going to try to configure a Hunt Group for each of the operators and link the hunt groups...??...Looking thur all of the BUGs and have not come across anything yet...Thanks for replying!!

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