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Attendant Console & Call Park


I just installed the Web Attendant Console with CCM 3.3.

I wanted to test the Call Park Feature.

When the operator park the call it works, fine, the operator see a message .... "Call parked on Number XXX".

But the problem is that I didn't see the call park in the operator Call park window.

--> no possibility to manage the parked calls.



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Re: Attendant Console & Call Park

CCM 3.3 added a new check box on the Global Directory, the Parked Call Retrieval box. I beleive if that box is not checked for the ac user, you will see the behavior you described. Also, make sure you are using Attendant Console 1.2.1 client and server.

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Re: Attendant Console & Call Park

everything is ok in the ac user.

What is strange, it is the fact that everything in working correctly except the vizulization of the parked calls in the appropriate window.

Any idea about the debug I can do ?



Re: Attendant Console & Call Park

We had this problem at one point. We found that the issue was was a mismatch between the client and the server Attendant Console service issues. This can happen often on CCM 3.2(x) and 3.3(2) that are distributed with AC 1.1, and you upgrade to AC 1.2. Service packs applied to CCM zap the server-side AC daemon back to 1.1, which half-breaks the AC 1.2 client functionality and it isn't obvious at first what happened.

The Help->About menu in the AC client will give you both the client and server AC versions. Make sure both sides are at 1.2 something, and the server and client versions should be matched. If your server is at AC 1.1, reinstall the AC software on your CallManager(s). If your client is at 1.1, reinstall the client from the CCM plugins page after your CCM is running AC 1.2.

I can tell you that the Attendant Console has some wacky user interface issues in both the 1.1 and 1.2 versions. If you run into issues, contact TAC and they can hook you up with AC 1.2(1)ES3 (an engineering special release) or better.

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Re: Attendant Console & Call Park


Cisco asked us some time ago to integrate Call Parking into our Op's Console for a huge RFP in the US. We have full visual call parking per operator and all operators can see who has parked on which device along with the call details.

Cisco push us very hard for features and functions, with customers such as Heinz, Glaxo Wellcom and Ely Lilly they refuse to push their own free Attendant console and go with our enterprise type console.

Drop me a line, I may be able to help -

The Cisco AC will come on board slowly with new features such as what has been followed up to your post, but they do tend to lean on us for their true Op's console needs.


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