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Attendant Console cannot xfer calls delivered from Unity

CCM 4.1(3)SR3 and Unity 4.0(5). Calls redirected to the operator when a caller zero's out of a voicemail box are directed to a phone running the attendant console. The Attendant Console (1.4(1ES9)) is unable to do anything but hang up on the call via the application (all options are grayed out) but the attendant can manually do all functions (transfer/hold/park) via the actual handset. Anyone seen this? I have seen several posts similar where call cannot be transfered TO the mailbox via the console when the VM profile is set to <none> but that is not the case here....this issue occurs when calls come FROM VM. This has the look and feel of a misconfigured setting but the fact that the phone can do it apart from the Attendant Console leads me think this may be a software defect.


Re: Attendant Console cannot xfer calls delivered from Unity


I believe this post will be addressed better by TAC, but...

What happens when you dial from an IP phone to unity then do the transfer? Same behaviour? (Not via PSTN)

What type of GW? H323,MGCP...?

If you change Unity to make a supervised transfer same issue?

TSP version?

The transfer is configured for the AC Pilot or the AC extension?

Which algorithm...?


4.1(3)SR3 is deferred.

Let me know

If you can post the CCM|CCM-SDL|CTI|SDL-CTI|TCD| acclient trace will be great. (include call info and timestamp)


Will check for any known issue-


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Re: Attendant Console cannot xfer calls delivered from Unity

I was able to get this resolved by setting unity to a direct transfer rather than a supervised transfer so I don't need a TAC case opened but you may want to look at this.

For replication: Unity 4.05, CCM 4.1(3)SR2 (i was wrong above), TSP 8.1(1), and AC 1.41es9. My particular setup was the zero out on user mailbox did an attempt transfer for the operator call handler. Operator call handler attempts a transfer to CCM ext 0 which xlates to a number on an the AC controlled phone. The operator call handler is set to perform supervised tranfers for 3 rings. Call transfers succesfully but the AC app cannot do anything but hang up the call. The softkeys on the phone are able to perform the transfer/hold/park with no issue.

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