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Attendant Console functional issue

Setup - Call Manager 3.3.2 spC, Attendant Console 1.1(3). This is a busy front desk, and the issue is with application focus. For example, when call #1 comes in, the front desk employee answers call and clicks on the transfer button, which brings up the Enter Number pop-up box, yet BEFORE the employee can type in a number, another call comes in. This causes the AC application to change focus to the Call Control window, leaving the Enter Number pop-up box open yet greyed out. Unfortunately, the employee cannot do anything with the new incoming call, because the pop-up box has control of the application, which causes severe consternation when there are 4 or more calls coming in. The only way to to get to the other calls is to finish with the Enter Number pop-up box, either by completing the transfer or cancelling the box, and ofcourse the first thing the employee has to do is to get application focus back on the pop-up box with her mouse, which is tough when the phone is ringing off the hook.

This would not be so bad if the AC application did NOT shift application focus away from the Enter Number pop-up box when a new call arrives, since often times the front desk employee is in the middle of typing a number when focus is lost. Does anyone know how this can be adjusted or fixed, or any suitable workaround?


Re: Attendant Console functional issue

You can try "Understanding Pilot Points and Hunt Groups" which is explained in the below link for Attendant console.


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