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Attendant Console Help

I have AC set up and I keep getting a "initialization of call contol failed. retrying...." and "no lines available" can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Thank You


Re: Attendant Console Help

Providing you have setup the pilot point, and specified agent members, the only aspect remaining is that specifically make sure that you create the AC user as per the installation documentation.

Failing to do this correctly will result in the error you are getting.

Re: Attendant Console Help

For your information, create the ac user in CallManager administration as follows:

First Name - Attendant

Last Name - Console

User ID - ac

User Password - 12345

Enter a PIN number and telephone number, be sure to check the enable CTI application use check box. This will enable the Attendant console to interact with CallManager.

Before the attendant can use the attendant console, you need to ensure that attendant console phones and pilot points are associated with the ac user.

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Re: Attendant Console Help

ok, i do have all this setup. i still get the same errors.

any other suggestion?

Re: Attendant Console Help

Have both the TCD and CTIManager services been activated ?

Have you updated the jtapi plugin on the Attendant console ?

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Re: Attendant Console Help

the TCD and CTIManager are activated.

what is the proceedure for the jtapi plug in?

Re: Attendant Console Help

Incidentally, are you running the lastest TCD, this would have been updated if you downloaded the latest Attendant Console and installed it on all CCMs in the cluster.

Look at the TCD service properties, the path to the executable for the new TCD should be C:\program files\Cisco\CallManagerAttendant\bin\tcdsrv.exe.

Have you also created the Attendant Console user through the attendant console user configuration in CCM admin (not the ac user), this is the login the user uses to log in to the console.

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Re: Attendant Console Help

We had a similar problem. Make sure call park tick box is ticked under ac user.

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