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Attendant Console Issue

I'm just starting to test out Attendant Console and am finding that if I try to look up a whole department at a time that I only get 10 people, but if I look up All, then everyone is there. Any idea why?


Re: Attendant Console Issue

Beter check with Cisco. It should all show up in directory view.

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Re: Attendant Console Issue

Make sure you have department field populated in the User configuration screen.

When you show all users ..are there more users than 10 that have Department field populated ?


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Re: Attendant Console Issue

Yes, the department fields are populated and I do show more than 10 when showing all users.

Re: Attendant Console Issue

Hope this helps:

The attendant console server reads and caches directory entries at startup; after an initial handshake determines if the directory entries changed since the previous log in, the attendant console downloads the directory user list. The attendant console searches the following files for the user list, as indicated in the following order:

Specified user list file on the attendant console configuration

CorporateDirectory.txt file under the User List Directory on the server

Automatically generated (When TCD service starts) user list file on the server

The user list file exists in comma separate value (CSV) format and contains the following information:

Last Name

First Name

Telephone Number



Note Directory entries without telephone numbers do not display in the attendant console Directory window.


The attendant console server also stores per-attendant information such as speed-dial groups/entries and window positions in the directory, which ensures that each attendant can see the saved information and GUI layout from any attendant console.

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