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attendant console line status issues


Have a 3.3(4) SR2 system and a AC client with Windows 98. They were able to see the line status of users fine but for past few weeks are saying the user is not seeing the correct line status until they move a call over the user to transfer a call to or move mouse over user.

This is for speed dials (5 users listed there) and for the directory. They have 140 users in the directory and I am aware of the problem where line status is not displayed if there are more then 10 users listed in the directory. They narrowed directory down to 2 users and have same issue with line status displayng right in both speed dials and directory panels.

The TCD traces show the server sending line status updates to the client whenever one occurs. The users in the speed dials and directory have the proper telephone number defined in the global directory.

Stopping and starting TCD services on the servers clears up the problem sometimes, sometimes does not.

The only thing I am seeing that may be wrong config wise is the phones have 2 partitions with the same DN in each partition. So 1234 in partitionA and 1234 in partitonB. But again, this was working fine before and now isn't but I wonder if the same DNs in different partitions is throwing it off, but can't find a doc that explicity states thats a no no.

There are no firewalls, NAT, etc on the client or between the ccm server and users.

Any ideas?


Re: attendant console line status issues

Cisco CallManager Attendant Console does not recognize partitions, which causes the following problems:

If a directory number exists in more than one partition, the attendant console displays the line state of the DN that changed last. The line state that appears for a particular individual in the directory may not be correct.

Re: attendant console line status issues

Thanks, thats what I was thinking but could not find that in the 3.3 version of the document.

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