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Attendant Console phone and FB/FNA

PROBLEM: According to AC documentation, the phones associated with AC cannot have FB or FNA set, which means once a call gets to one of the lines it will ring until answered or caller terminates call. My customer however wants the calls that are not answered within 4 rings to get message, Operator is busy and provide a few options, then if no action is taken ring the receptionist back. The only way I know to get the unanswered calls to VM for the message and options is through the FNA setting.

SCENARIO:. Small site where the receptionist has multiple jobs to perform.

1) Customer wants calls to the main number answered by the receptionist as much as possible and not by AA unless they are not available or too busy.

2) Customer also wants to use Attendant Console (AC) so they can tell when users are on their phones as well as the rest of the goodies with the GUI.


1) Have all incoming calls to main number ring the receptionist phones LINE 1, have the FB goto LINE 2 and FNA to VM. Set LINE 2 the same and LINE 3 both FB and FNA to VM.

2) Not associate the AC with a Pilot Point or Hunt Group, but just with the phone. Thus the AC is really just used for phone control and not the LOGIN/LOGOUT call routing features.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Attendant Console phone and FB/FNA

Sorry, I don't think you can do that. If you find out otherwise please let us know.

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