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Attendant Console question

I have two switchboard operators using Attendant Console. I've set up the hunt group to hunt from one attendant to the next -

Line 4 attendant 1,

Line 4 attendant 2,

Line 5 attendant 1,

Line 5 attendant 2, etc.

What is happening is 3 calls are coming into line 4 attendant 1 and then the 4th call is going to line 4 attendant 2. What I understood would happen is that the first call would go to the first available attendant and the next call to the next attendant esencially bouncing between the two of them. Is there another setting in service parameters perhaps that needs to be configured. The Hunt group is set up to hunt to the next available attendant. Call Waiting is turned off for each of the hunt group DN's.

Any input is greatly appreciated!



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Re: Attendant Console question

Well the hunt group is set to route to First Available, what the TCD does is start at the top of the list and find the first line that is available; i.e. (if attendant user) logged in and not busy.

Now are you saying that three calls are coming to Attendant 1's line 4 at one time? If this is the case, then there is a severe problem in the line state function of the TCD.

The other option available from the CCM GUI is Longest Idle. This would choose the line state that is not currently busy and has been available for the longest time. The problem with this is that the calls would also bounce between line 4 and line 5.

Now if you have 3.3(3) or higher, you can configure Circular Routing. This allows the system to remember where in the list the last call went, so when the next calls comes in, it begins looking for an available line on the next entry in the list, rather than at the beginning.

What this allows you to do, and I have done, is create 2 entries in a Cirular Hunt Group, each entry being a First Available Hunt Group. I populate the First Available Hunt Group with all Agent 1's lines, followed by Agent 2's lines. The second First Available Hunt Group is the same, but Agent 2's lines come first.

What this does is it allows calls to be split between both agents evenly, so long as both are logged in, and the calls will always come in on their first available line.

However, to enable Circular Routing, you have to edit a file somewhere. If you run a search on Circular Routing on Cisco, I'm sure you'll find it.

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Re: Attendant Console question

I did some digging and found the documentation for configuring Circular Hunting. The docs say to find the file acconfig.bat in the C:\Program Files\Cisco\CallManagerAttendant\bin folder. I don't have this file. I am running CCM3.3(3) and Attendant Console 1.1.3. Any idea's on what I could do next?

Thanks Monica

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