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Attendant Console - "Initialization of call control failed. Retrying.."

I am running call manager 3.1 3(a) with attendant console version 1.1(1). My attendant console is getting the above referenced error message and never connects. I'm also having trouble with placing calls on hold and transferring calls. Once a call has been placed on hold or transferred, it becomes a one-way call where the original caller cannot hear the person the call was transferred to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Attendant Console - "Initialization of call control failed.

The AC error you are getting is usually seen when the AC user account is not associated with the device the application is trying to control. If you go to Global Directory, find the AC user, and associate all the phones that will be using the AC application. A device (like a phone) can be associated with multiple users. That or connectivity problems with the CTI server.

As for the one-way audio problems... One-way audio is almost always caused by IP connectivity problems. Are this calls coming through an H.323 gateway? It sounds like the RTP stream is getting passed to an Media Termination Point. Make sure that all phone have connectivity to every CCM. Also check the MTP settings on the CallManager. I assume you do not have hardware-based MTP and would be using MTP in the CCM software.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Attendant Console - "Initialization of call control failed.

The AC error was a device association problem. Thanks for that.

As for the one way audio when calls are placed on hold, I checked to see if there were any connectivity issues, and I can't find any. I checked the Media Termination Point in Call Manager, and it simply lists my two call managers, their IP addresses, and their Device Pool. I also checked my voice router (3640), and voice rtp send-rcv is enabled. Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks again.

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