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Attendant Console Speed Dial file

Does anyone know the name of the file(s) used to store the speed dial entries for each attendant (user)? Are they stored on the local computer? I had to reload the Attendant Console software and would like to simply place a file back on the new machine without the users having to retype all their speed dials. Is this possible? Thanks!!

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Re: Attendant Console Speed Dial file

The Attendant Console Speed Dials are actuall stored in XML format in LDAP. In your situation, as long as the user logs in with the same attendant console ID, the speed dials will follow.

It is possible to copy the XML data from one user to another, but not with the DC Directory Administrator. Find an LDAP browser, connect to the DC Directory using the administrator password and browse to CCN.username.Attendant Console Profile. You will see the XML format. Just copy it from that field and paste into the smae field on the other user. The only trick I found was that you need to create the new user first, and log in with that user, (although I'm not sure if you need to create a dummy speeddial entry). Then there will be something there to overwrite.

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Re: Attendant Console Speed Dial file

Yes, the name of the file in DC Directory Admin on the call manager is ACXmIDATA. This is what you need to do. This is assuming you have more than one attendant console user and good data that you want to copy over exists on at least one of the users... You follow the following using the GOOD data...

Go into DC Directory Admin

Select the USER_INFO tab and expand it

Locate the attendant console user name and expand.

Select the Attendantconsoleprofile tab

On the right pane of the screen, you will see the ACXmIData file, double click (it may take a second or two to open) The data for all the speed dials and entire setup of the attendant console user is stored in the "recorded name", you will see its nothing more than a bunch of digits. Select the entire string (ctrl-shft-Right Arrow) and copy it... then paste it to the user you want to fix or be the same. (you would open up the second user and paste this string into the same location) The two users will then have identical speed dials, etc.

You will want to have the second user not logged into attendant console at the time until the data has been pasted.. then they can log in.

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