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Attendant Console Voice Mail ICON doesn't update

I have CCM Attendant Console Ver. 1.2(1es7) and Server Ver. 1.2 (1es7). The Voice Mail ICON doesn't turn off when my user turns off "Forward to Voice Mail". I have to stop the Attendant Console and restart the software before ICON is updated. Is there a refresh key or option to refresh at different time periods?

I would appreciate any help.



Re: Attendant Console Voice Mail ICON doesn't update

Try restarting the Telephony Call Dispatcher (TCD) service on the CallManager. The TCD takes care of call routing/control, line state, and database requests for Attendant Console clients.


Re: Attendant Console Voice Mail ICON doesn't update

Are you sure there is actually a problem here?

It is computationally expensive to do the database query to determine if the extension is forwarded or not, so a handful of requirements were put in place. Make sure that you're not getting tripped up by one of them:

* The call forward icon is only used in the Directory pane (not the Speed Dials pane)

* The data will only be looked up when the number of returned directory entries is 10 or less

* The data does not automatically update, it requires a GUI update. For example, performing a new search, adding a letter to the last name, etc.

I usually train AC users to do a "Clear" after every call, and perform a new search every time. Assuming they do a reasonably scoped search (ie, "Robins" instead of just "Ro") and the directory size is not too large, you should return 10 or less entries and get current & accurate Call Forward information.

There is no mechanism currently to get the client to automatically update this information.


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