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Attendant Console

Is there a way to associate more than one phone number to Attendant Console. We have a customer who is using Attendant Console which is associated to their main number, in this case, extension 100. They also have a second line on their phone for outside calls. When the user parks a call that comes in on this second line, Attendant Console doesn?t show the parked call. Is there a way around this?

The Attendant console user is associated to both of these numbers.


Re: Attendant Console

Attendant console cannot have more than one call delivered to a line appearance at a time when that line is already in use.The line which is already in use will give use busy reply

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Re: Attendant Console

I would propose the following solution:

Take the main extersion 100 for a attendant pilot point and build an attendant hunt group.

Take on call manager server itself the broadcast

mode. You can take for a queue a nice music with some spoken words: please wait..

So an caller to externsion 100 will always hear fist some sound and the receptionist can pickup the call from attendant console:


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Re: Attendant Console

I think it really depends on what you are trying to do. If all you want is for the same person(s) to answer multiple lines from the same AC line group, that's pretty easy...just setup a translation pattern. Ex: AC pilot point is 100, other number is 200. Setup xlate pattern of 200, called party transform mask would be 100. Anyone who calls 100 or 200, go to the same AC group. Now, if these are both high volume numbers, you will probably want to setup AC to queue stuff for a little while so that the operator can keep up...but that's asthetics...function is the same.


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