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Auto Attendants / Schedules

A typical auto attendant deployment scenario may

have a site's main listed number forwarded to an

Unity auto attendant with an appropriate schedule

to determine if the standard or closed greeting

will be played.

If the hours were 8:00AM to 5:00PM MTWTF, this is

a walk in the park exercise.

I have a situation where two new requirements may

be necessary and I need some guidance to understand

if a technical solution with Unity is available.

1) They would like the schedule to allow for a time

other than :00 or :30, i.e. 17:20PM to be part

of the schedule.

2) They would like the schedule to allow for two

distinct closed greetings, one for lunch, and

another for after hours / weekends.

--- Thanks ---

Cisco Employee

Re: Auto Attendants / Schedules

The Unity web based Sa is hard coded for 30 minute intervals, however the Audio Text Manager is capable of letting you set schedules up for 15 minute intervals with the "/schedules" command line option. You can't get any more granular than that, however, since it's stored as a series of 15 minute flags. You can check out the audio text manager on its home page here:

for the two distinct after hours greetings you'll have to use a similiar technique as for holiday greetings where calls are sent from the day greeting to a "lunch greeting' handler which passes the call on to the "night greeting" handler when it's not time for lunch - so three handlers assigned to 2 schedules. You can check out the Audio text Applications in Unity paper on the Documents page of for more on the holiday schedule stuff...

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