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Auto Dial Application

I would like to install a phone into a lobby of one of our remote offices. I would like the phone to automatically dial the the recpeptionist once in an offhook condition. Has anyone experience with this application, is so how?

Oh, I am running CCm 3.1.3a

Thanks for your consideration

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Re: Auto Dial Application

This is on CCO somewhere, but the basics are you create an empty translation pattern (no digits), put it in a dedicated CSS and change the Called Party Transformation Mask to the receptionists extension number. Be careful to only put this translation in it's own CSS. DO NOT put the translation into the ones you use for general calling as this tranlation overrides all other dialled digits and make all phones into hotlines and then make your receptionist very busy!

Good luck... pdc


Re: Auto Dial Application

You can achieve it by configuring an empty translation pattern.You must put the hotline translation pattern in its own partition and configure the hotline extension's calling search space so that it looks in the hotline partition to resolve its analysis request.

For example..

Partition : Hotline

Translation pattern :

Translation calling search space : CompanyABC (calling search space CompanyABC contains partition CompanyABC)

Called party transformation mask : 5123 (the receptionist...)

Extension 5123 should belong to CompanyABC partition

When the calling user whose calling search space includes the Hotline partition goes off-hook,CallManager performs the following steps:

1.When the user goes off-hook, this provides CallManager with an empty set of dialed digits, which match the translation pattern in the hotline partition.CallManager applies the called party transformation mask 5123 to convert the called number to 5123

2.CallManager uses the resulting number,5123, as the input for another analysis attempt.The CSS that callmanager uses for the analysis attempt is the CSS of translation pattern,CompanyABC. This attempt matches the hotline's directory number. CallManager offers the call to the hotline phone with dialed digits of 5123.

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