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Auto Resgistered Phone

I am trying to register a phone, which at presents happens to be Auto registered and comes up with a 1006 Extension number.

I went thru the Call Manager Administration and found that there were two entries for the same MAC address. One is with Auto Registration and the other is with Manual registration with the correct Extension etc.

I then went and un plugged the phone from the wall socket and deleted the Auto registered entry (1006) from Database. Went back and searched for the correct extension number, found it, did a reset phone function.

Re-connected the phone back to the wall socket and the phone went through the normal process of getting an IP.

Once it did that, it came up with the next auto registered number 1007. I simply can not understand why I am unable to register this phone with the correct extension number.

Would appreciate if some one could help me out.

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Re: Auto Resgistered Phone

Under System > CallManager Configuration, have you selected "Auto-registration Disabled on this Cisco CallManager"?

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Re: Auto Resgistered Phone


What are the implications on disabling the Auto Registration?

Does it affect any other settings etc. Would like to be on the safe side.

Re: Auto Resgistered Phone


Are you sure that the Device-Type of the manual created device is correct (ie. 7960 instead of 7940)?


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Re: Auto Resgistered Phone

Yes. I am sure the correct phone type was selected.


Re: Auto Resgistered Phone

Check the MAC address you are using when manually configuring the phone in CCMAdmin; also the phone type 7960, 7940, etc. !!

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Re: Auto Resgistered Phone

Thank you.

The MAC Address happens to be the same for the auto registered phone as well as the phone I am trying to configure.

When I search for the Mac Address only one comes up, which is the Auto Configured one.

I am thinking of changing the first character of the MAC address on the Auto Configured phone and then manually configuring the correct one. Subsequently deleting the Auto Configured phone from the database.

Am I correct in doing this?

Would appreciate your guidence.


Re: Auto Resgistered Phone

Your making this harder than it really is. You have auto registration checked in CMM under System>>>Cisco CallManager. If you go there you will note that under the field "Auto-Registration Info" there is a field named "Starting DN =1000" (would be my guess). Then just below that is a field named "Ending DN=some number".

What this means is that if you take a brand new phone out of the box and plug it into your network it will auto register with the next available number (1006 in your case). Just make sure the partition does not allow long distance calls. I have mine set for internal calls only and the DN range I picked is a fictious number range 9991111 to 9997777) Now all you have to do is configure the phone for the DN that you want. Just go into CCM and select Device>>>Phone>>>Directory Number, and then do a search for numbers starting with 1. In my case I do a search for any DN 999. That should give you any phone that has auto registered. Pick the phone in question and fine tune the configuration by defining the real DN you want, partition, CSS, Voice Mail, Caller ID, etc. If you have two phones with the same MAC, I'd just delete them and let the real phone auto register again and then fine tune its configuration under Device>>>Phone>>>DN.

If you don't want to deal with auto registration just uncheck the box under System>>>Cisco CallManager.

Good luck.

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