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AutoAttendant Question

Can an attendant console user be associated with two separate hunt groups associated with two different pilot numbers so they can answer the phone using the Attendant Console for two separate companies and be able to distinguish between the two calls when answering? This one person would want to know that caller A is for Company A or that caller B is for Company B before answering the phone so they can answer with the right greeting.

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Re: AutoAttendant Question

This is possible.

For Example:

DID1001 is for Company1

DID1002 is for Company2

PILOT1 with Extension 1011 for Company1

PILOT2 with Extension 1012 for Company2

Create Dummy phone with extension 1001 and make sure that you fill out the alerting and display name with "Company1". Forward all calls to PILOT1 (Ext.1011).

Make sure that fields in "Forwarded Call Information Display" section are all checked

Do the same thing for Extension 1002 and PILOT2.

When your attendant phone ring you will see either


for Customer1"



for Customer2"

Once you pick-up the phone you will see the caller ID and the Customer1 display disappears.

You can configure the same auto attendant to be a member of multiple hunt-groups.

Please rate this post if it is useful for you. I have tested this configuration at my lab so I know this works.

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