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autoattendant reports

does any one know how to get autoattendant details how many calls etc...

have art working but it doesnt see them as ext..

should i look at the call handler's for my reports ??

unity reports were also weak...then again could be me..thanks

New Member

Re: autoattendant reports

Here is a snippet from the excellent document out on Audio text applications in Unity. You can check the document at -

There is also a “Call Handler Traffic” report in the SA “System Reports” section which can provide an accounting for how many calls hit each call handler in the system and how the callers exited them (i.e. selecting a one key option, hanging up, etc…). This can also be helpful depending how callers are using your system, particularly if they are getting impatient and bailing out of your call handler trees by hanging up in frustration. This is a good indication you need to “flatten” your trees or break your audio text applications up so they are not so large and complex.

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