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New Member

automatic routing of a call

when i'm using the route pattern system in CallManager 3.1, usually when a number that has been dialed is matching to a specific pattern, it automatically being routed to the gateway that attached to the pattern. but when i enter a new pattern that is matched to an already existing pattern but a shorter one, the call is not being automated routed until pressing the # key (or after a while).

for example:

if i have only the pattern 0XXX, then when i'll dial for example 0123 then the call will automated be routed to the gateway. but if i'll add the pattern 09X, then when i'll dial 099 it won't be routed automatically, although that when specified the second pattern i ment that all calls begins with 09 should be in length of 3, so the system in this case should't wait for another digit (creating a number which is matched to the first pattern). i understand the logic behind the pattern system, but it doesn't quite fit to the logic of the phone nubering system...

is there any way of changing or reconfiguring the system to get it work the way i mentioned above?

thank you for your replys

New Member

Re: automatic routing of a call

What appears to be happening is that when you dial 099 the CallManager must wait for the interdigit timeout to ensure that you are not dialing a 4 digit number. For example if you dialed 0999 then the CallManager would match the pattern 0XXX and not 09X as the best pattern. This is normal operation and is explained very well in the Cisco CallManager Fundamentals (ISBN 1-58705-008-0) book. I highly recommend it.

You might try changing the 0XXX pattern to 0[0-8]XX. This would force the CallManger to use the 09X pattern when 099 is dialed and cause the call to be routed correctly.

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